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Medical Reports

We endeavour to connect missing pieces in the healthcare community.

Doctor Review

You can add Doctor review to your medical packages and you will be able to access Doctor's feedback.

Home Visit

We provide the gateway to connect various services for your loved ones.

Why Medicare Lanka?

Medicare Lanka was started with a set purpose to increase status quo in heathcare sector in Sri Lanka.

Reliable Solution For All Sri Lankans

We provide the gateway to connect various services for your loved ones and we carefuly pick industry-leading service provides to match your requirements. We know that everyone likes to be looked after in different ways and we have subject matter experts with local and international industry experience to support you. By bringing a live, online connection between pathologists, doctor, customer and patient shall enable better workflow and efficient clinical outcome for our worldwide costomers. 

We provide assistance in various directions

We provide comprehensive list of medical services, so every person could have the opportunity to receive high quality medical help.

Aging Parents

Some parents may be afraid that a medical checkup could reveal a serious illness or health condition. They may be hesitant to spend money on medical care when they have other financial obligations.

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Women General Health

Many serious health conditions, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and heart disease, can be detected early through regular medical checkups. Early detection allows for earlier treatment and can improve outcomes.

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Men General Health

Health conditions, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and heart disease, can be detected early through regular medical checkups. Men who have diabetes or high blood pressure, need to adjust their treatments.

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Our Process

Connect Patient Records – Lab – Doctor seamlessly for better healthcare in Sri Lanka.


Step 1

Get to know about your need

This form collects basic information on required services. Indicative price estimate will be provided for core products.


Step 2

Callback and Confirm Details

MedicareLanka team will connect with you to clarify on your specific needs, service availability and your preferences.


Step 3

Arrange services in Sri Lanka

Coordinate with our service providers and contact patients if necessary. Agreed service provider will collect samples and conduct tests.


Step 4

Collect and share results

Our system will electronically store and share results with patients, doctors and carers with your permission.

What our clients say

The fact that our Care Experts help people with all kinds of health concerns is what makes us your ultimate,
universal remote care solution!

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